About Fantinel

The history and story of Fantinel began with its founder Paron Mario. Paron was a hotelier and restaurateur in the northern part of the Friuli area. However, he soon realised that his love and passion lay in wine. Thus, he changed his career to winemaking to make his dreams and aspirations come true with his two hands. It led Paron to acquire his first vineyards in the region and DOC of Collio in 1969. In the next generation, the management and handling of the parcels went to Paron’s sons, Gianfranco, Loris, and Luciano.

Gianfranco, Loris, and Luciano operated the vineyards by strictly following their father’s teachings. He incorporated the knowledge of feeling and understanding the soil, the flow of seasons, and the ripening of the fruits. It allowed the brothers to cultivate the fields efficiently and yield the best harvests. Their success, in turn, enabled them to increase the family’s property and land ownership. Today, the third generation of the family manages the estate and agricultural company. It remains represented by Stefano, Mariaelena, and Marco. The efforts and hard work of the three generations have allowed Fantinel to become an exceedingly prestigious winery, with its name and fame known globally.

Fantinel understands that making and producing wine is an art. The winery believes the first step in the vocation begins with respecting the land. Thus, the wine estate pays careful attention to its vineyards and terroirs, aiming to minimise human intervention in the fields as much as possible. Such a practice gets implemented across all parcels owned by Fantinel. They expand over 300 hectares of land across the renowned DOC zones of Grave, Collio, and Prosecco.

The unique terroirs, the ideal microclimate, and excellent soil conditions allow Fantinel to produce superior wines with a perfect balance between acidity and tannin.

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