Fantini Farnese

Fantini Farnese

About Fantini Farnese

Though the Farnese Vini is a small winery that started only a few years ago, it has grown to become the biggest name in the Italian wine industry today. It was started to explore the richness of the terroirs and heritage of south Italy. Currently, it has a production of 20 million bottles to its credit. 

Thanks to its detailed research in producing wines, the Fantini Farnese group has been awarded the best producer of wine in Italy for three years now – 2016, 2017 and 2019. That’s some phenomenal progress, isn’t it? This group makes different labels of wines such as Vini Fantini, Tenute Rossetti, Vesevo, Vigniti Del Vulture, Vigniti Del Salento, Vigneti Zabu, Cantina Sava, Luccarelli, Gran Sasso, Cantine Cellaro, Caldora and Terre Natuzzi.

All of these labels are made from grapes carefully cultivated in the exotic terroirs situated across various vineyards in Italy. The vineyards from where this group sources its grapes are here:

Abruzzo – Located in the central and southern part of Italy, this region is situated close to the Adriatic Sea, Maiella Mountains and the Gran Sasso d’ Italia Mountains. This area is rich in biodiversity and you will find high-quality vines here.

Tuscany – This magical area of Tuscany is surrounded by hills on all sides and is blessed with such natural extravaganza that it is regarded as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Campania – This is one of the oldest wine regions of the Fantini Farnese group. It covers an area of around 25000 hectares and is blessed with the climate and soil conditions to produce unique red & white wines.

Basilicata – This small region surrounded by hills and mountains all over, is strongly influenced by a Mediterranean climate. This helps in producing full-bodied and intense fruits.

Puglia – This half-hill, half-plain region contains soil that is rich in limestone and rocks, aiding grape growth to a large extent.

Sicily – This is the biggest island in the Mediterranean and is replete with dense vine cultivation.

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