Father John Winery

Father John Winery

About Father John Winery

Nicholas Maloney, a Sonoma County resident, started Father John Winery in 2010 in California’s premium region, Napa Valley. He started this label as a tribute to his grandfather, late Reverend John Weaver, a famous Episcopalian priest.  Father John was committed to create peace and harmony among the people living during his time. Nicholas started this wine label to ensure that his wines represent the richness and character of the vineyards, where the fruits are grown.

Nicholas, who stays in Beaune, France currently, studied winemaking at the world famous Lycee Viticole. Before starting his own label, he also had considerable experience in working in some of the best French wineries like Chateau d’ Issan (Margaux), Maison Illan (Nuits-Saint-Georges) and Domaine Rollin (Pernand Verglesses). He had also worked with Clos du Bois and Porter Bass located in California.

When he started out, Nicholas first made a Chardonnay from the single-parcel vineyard of Les Larrets Blancs. Currently, he works with Russian River Valley’s Oehlman Vineyard for making wines in California. Thanks to his rich winemaking experience in France, Nicholas tries to imbibe the same culture in California as well. Today, Father John Winery is known to create wines that age well and suit different types of cuisines.

Some of the popular wines created under this label are:

  • Mendocino Coast Pinot Noir – This wine is made from flavourful and intense Pinot Noir grapes grown in the beautiful vineyards grown in the Anderson Valley in the Mendocino County.
  • Anderson Valley Greenwood Ridge – This wine is made from grapes grown on the coastal Mendocino County.
  • Mendocino Comptche – This is made from Pinot Noir grown from Mendocino county’s best vineyard.
  • Estate Russian River Valley – This wine is made from Pinot Noir grown on the Russian River Valley vineyards.

All of these wines bear a striking resemblance to the culture and style of French wines.

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