Fattoria di Basciano

Fattoria di Basciano

About Fattoria di Basciano

Fattoria di Basciano estate has been under the Masi family since the 20th century. The family has made wine here for three generations now. The estate is in chianti Rufina area on a hill overlooking Argomenna valley and river Sieve on the other. The vineyard elevation stands at about 1000’ above sea level. The soil, called galestro, is very stony, and there is a microclimate here that is the best for ripening olives and grapes. 

The weather is dry, and there are light breezes because of rain scarcity. The night and day temperature in the summertime is remarkable. The microclimate is the best for grape ripening. The core of the Basciano estate is a guard tower that can be traced to the 13th century. It has since been restored; today, Fattoria di Basciano leads in agriturismo in the area. The property covers 75 ha, of which 35 ha has vineyards, 20 ha holds olive orchards, and 20 ha is forest land. 

Over the years, the estate has been involved in experimentation and research of vineyards to reach the best levels of quality. By investing consistently, planting new vineyards, and building the best winery for vinification, the estate keeps evolving and achieving greater heights. 

Having been in the business for a long, the Masi family aims to produce high-quality wine at the best prices. This is achieved by finding products with high standard quality that is constant and consistent. There is a cooperation relationship with them that is long term, and this includes consultations on the best way to manage vineyards to achieve the best quality. 

Fattoria di Basciano understands the great role of negociant, and this job is interpreted by masi of Rufina and the father, Renzo. Paulo, the son, graduated from Florence as an agronomist. At the estate, two white wines were produced, one rose, and three red wines. There is also a blend between cabernet sauvignon and Sangiovese, all aged in barrels made of oak. The estate uses wines and grapes from Rufina and the surrounding areas.

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