About Featherdrop

Featherdrop is a renowned winery located in the region of Marlborough in New Zealand. The company is highly reputed for its high-class wines. The secret behind the top quality and excellence of the winery’s products lies in the region where the grapes get planted and harvested. 

The Marlborough region is one of the most essential and eminent places in New Zealand. It is especially so when considering the country’s wine industry. Located in the northeastern area or tip of New Zealand, Marlborough offers the most optimum factors and parameters to make the best possible wines. The region experiences suitable rainfall and remains sunny for most of the year. It allows the soil to become enriched with nutrients and beneficial microorganisms and organisms. It, in turn, promotes and facilitates the growth and development of the various types and kinds of grapes planted there. For instance, Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most notable varieties grown in Marlborough. Featherdrop uses this particular grape category to make zesty and aromatic white wines that remain popular all across the globe. 

Featherdop develops and sells various other kinds of wines using the grapes grown in the Marlborough region. All of the winery’s products retain a fresh and appealing flavour. Additionally, the wines have a delectable aroma that attracts people, leaving them desiring more. Furthermore, they have a refreshing mouthfeel that eliminates all scopes for a disappointing aftertaste. 

Featherdrop pays close attention to its wine-making, ageing, packing, and selling processes. The winery does so to ensure that each one of its products retains its top quality, providing the customers with what they desire. Such a mindset gets reflected in the manner or way in which the workers at Featherdrop perform their tasks. Thus, the endeavour for quality starts from the soil and ends with the bottle.

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