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Felton Road

About Felton Road

Felton Road, in New Zealand, is one of the few wineries that give a lot of focus to the lands where the vines are grown. Bannockburn, located in Central Otago, was one of the first places identified by the founders and the winemaking team to set up their vineyards. Felton Road makers understood the potential of this place because it was one of the warmest in this region.

The four vineyards, from where Felton Road creates its wines are MacMuir, The Elms, Calvert and Cornish Point. Here is a brief overview of these vineyards:

MacMuir – Located at the foothills of the hills in the Bannockburn Gold Sluicings, this vineyard stretches across 5.1hectares. Most of the vineyards in Bannockburn are known by the surname of Muir, because the place belongs to one of the members of the historic and prestigious Muir Family. This is an organic and biodynamic vineyard and is replete with deep silt loamy soils.

The Elms – Located at the extreme end of Felton Road, this 14.7 hectare-vineyard can be found quite close to the Cromwell Basin. This place was a hotspot for gold miners back in the 18th century. The Waenga soils at the base of the Bannockburn basin are ideal for growing Pinot Noirs, while the sandy gravels & loamy soils found in other parts of the vineyard are perfect for growing Chardonnay and Riesling.

Calvert – This 4.6-hectare vineyard, located quite close to the Elms and McMuir Vineyards, is known for its deep silt loamy soils. This organic and biodynamic vineyards is home to clones of Pinot Noir vines. The fruits grown here are known for their rich minerality.

Cornish Point – This 7.6-hectare vineyard, like all the above vineyards, used to be a settlement for gold miners many centuries ago. This place is filled with deep fine sandy loams, which make it perfect for growing clones of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and more.

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