Feudi di San Gregorio

Feudi di San Gregorio

About Feudi di San Gregorio

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the wine label of Feudi di San Gregorio was the one that brought out the full potential of the Southern Italian region of Campanian Apennines. The major territory of this label is an area known as Irpina, an ancient island, which is blessed by natural extravaganza such as mountains, hills, rivers, plains and beautiful streams all over. The microclimate here and the quantity of rainfall this place receives is what makes it stand out from the other areas in Campania.

This wine label was established in the year 1986 in the small village of Sorbo Serpico in Irpina. The winery that was set up here covered an area of close to 75o acres of vineyards. Ever since the winery was launched, it has been working towards the goal of popularising the Southern Italy grape varietals, influenced by the Mediterranean climate.

Some of the specific grapes of South Italy that are given focus in this winery are Aglianico, Fiano di Avellino and Greco di Tufo. The winemaking methods followed here a blend of traditional & modern styles. In the year 2004, the group inaugurated a new winery, set up beautifully on the hills of Sorbo Serpico.

Today, when you come here, you will not only know about the winemaking traditions, but you can also interact with internationally-renowned winemakers. The new winery’s architectural style, interiors and decors have been designed by some of the best architects from Japan and Italy. Some of the popular wines crafted here are:

Piano di Montevergene – Made from Aglianico

Cutizzi – Made from Greco

Falanghina – Made from Falanghina varietal

Apart from these, there are other specialised wines created under this label. The beauty of these wines is that they are grown in diverse terroirs; therefore, they are very different from each other, in spite of being grown in the same region.

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