Finca Allende

Finca Allende

About Finca Allende

Finca Allende is housed in a historic manor from the 17th century and is situated in a mediaeval town square in the centre of Rioja Alta. It was established in 1986 by Miguel ngel de Gregorio in the hilly town of Briones. When he came to the town, he found the special terroir that allowed him to produce the wines of his dreams. Allende's concept, which may be loosely interpreted as "further," is to make more efforts to produce the ideal Rioja. Miguel ngel is one of Rioja Alta's most renowned winemakers and a genius in crafting world-class estate-grown wines because of his real commitment to organic agriculture and maintaining the region's authenticity.

Briones looks silhouetted against the sky from its location in La Rioja Alta, on a hillside 80 meters above the landscape below, emphasising the significance of the terroir upon which it was founded. A crucial component that has contributed to Finca Allende's success is the soil's unique characteristics. The beautiful vineyards are situated in Briones on hills that face north, northeast, and northwest. Winds often touch these hills from the Atlantic. Its unique terroir, orientation, climate, and various continental, Mediterranean, and Atlantic influences all work together to support the development of a superior grape, which reveals its potential in the best possible way in Allende wine.

At Finca Allende, they carry out their daily activities in accordance with exhibiting a great regard for their grapes, the environment, and all that nature has to offer them. In order to reduce carbon emissions, most of their crops are grown without using any form of herbicide or artificial pesticides. The grapes are also protected and cared for by returning to traditional methods, which involve carrying out numerous jobs by hand with the help of draught animals. Overall, going for a sustainable approach to grape farming is a choice made every day in this vineyard.

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