Finca Decero

Finca Decero

About Finca Decero

In the local Argentinian dialect, the word decero means “from scratch.” That’s exactly the meaning that sums up the birth of this wine label. Originally a barren stretch of land, the vineyards of Agrelo in the Mendoza region have now become one of the premium red wine-producing areas of Argentina. Thomas Schmidheiny, who belonged to a family of passionate winemakers, was the one who discovered the full potential of this plot of land in the 1970s.

Located at the foothills of the Andes Mountains, this land had unique climatic conditions and soil quality that made Thomas finalise this location for the Finca Decero brand’s Remolinos Vineyard. In the local dialect, Remolinos referred to small whirlwinds. This placed was named thus because of the small but frequent whirlwinds it experienced.

These vineyards are located at a height of 3500feet above sea level, the tallest in Agrelo. The winemaking experts at the vineyards and the estate are from Argentina and from across the world. The team maintains a hands-on approach in all the practices involved right from planting the vines until the bottling stage. This is what is known as the Amano approach here.

Only the red varietals of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec are planted in the Remolinos Vineyard, as these suit the climate conditions of Agrelo perfectly. As part of the Amano approach, only the best grapes are selected by hand. Then, at the winery, these grapes are sorted in a dual-tray method. This way, they are first sorted before they are de-stemmed and then they are selected on the basis of their quality.

A 11-member team oversees this process to ensure that only the best grapes are sent for fermentation. The winery uses traditional and natural methods for fermenting, but it contains state-of-the-art equipment as well. Grapes are processed here with the help of gravity to ensure gentle handling of the fruits.

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