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The history and story of the Finca Museum start with its founder and owner, Grupo Barón de Ley. Around the end of the 1990s, Grupo decided to extend and expand the Rioja Qualified Appellation of Origin (DOCa). He searched and scouted numerous regions before falling in love with the Designation of Origin (DO) of Cigales. The territory remained linked with a long-standing tradition and history of vine-growing and wine-making. In addition, it possessed an immense heritage with ancient parcels and vineyards.

Initially, the vineyards in Cigales remained abandoned when Grupo acquired them. It was due to the shortage of ongoing or existing wine projects. Thus, Grupo and his team had to put in considerable effort and hard work to get the fields back on track. The founder hired Tomás Jurío, a renowned agricultural engineer, to work at the helm of the restoration and plantation project. It showed how important the Finca Museum considered the vineyards.

Grupo and Tomás worked for several years to get the best of the land. They gradually purchased vineyards from the local grapevine growers. It eventually led to them owning an estate expanding over 200 hectares. These events allowed the Finca Museum to get established on the expansive plot in 2000.

The wines produced and sold by the Finca Museum are of the highest quality. It is primarily thanks to Cigales, which lies close to the municipality and city of Valladolid and the Spanish DOP or Denominación de Origen Protegida of Ribera del Duero. It allows the vineyards to experience a continental climate with significant temperature changes between night and day. Furthermore, the region’s winters are harsh and long, with frequent fog and frosts. On the other hand, the summers are hot and dry. The stark differences allow the aromatic properties and polyphenols of the grapes to ripen adequately.

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