Finca Villacreces

Finca Villacreces

About Finca Villacreces

Located right in the middle of the Golden Mile found in Ribera Del Duero, the vineyards of Finca Villacreces have a rich history and legacy that is carried on well by the Cuadrado Family from the 20th century onwards. The Villacreces wine estate can be located in Spain’s Quintanilla de Onesimo, right next to Vega Sicilia. Till the 20th century, this estate was the perfect abode for Spanish monks and church priests to meditate and find inner peace.

The Villacreces estate is spread across 110 hectares, out of which 64 hectares are under vines. The closeness of the Duero River, beautiful ecology of the vineyards and the diverse soil types found here make this place one of the best for growing full-bodied and flavourful grapes. The vineyards from the grapes are sourced for these wines and the main varietals grown in each of them are as follows:

  • Tulipanes – Tempranillo
  • Vega I – Tempranillo
  • Vega II – Tempranillo
  • Sifones – Tempranillo
  • Gallineros – Tempranillo
  • Casas – Tempranillo
  • Flor – Tempranillo
  • Pedregal – Merlot
  • Gravera – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Monte Viejo – Tempranillo
  • La Isla – Cabernet
  • Perlas – Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Piscina – Tempranillo
  • La Huerta Experimental – 15 varietals
  • Canada – Tempranillo

The Bodega or the winery is located right in the middle of the estate. It has been constructed with the main aim to respect the environment and to appreciate the natural flavours & character of the fruits that are processed inside it. The grapes are carefully selected by hand before they are pushed to the next stage, where strong jets of air are blown over the fruits to sort the berries with utmost care.

The vinification process happens separately for each vineyard, to ensure that the fruits represent their terroirs well. Premium quality French oak barrels and wooden vats are used for fermenting the wine in this bodega.

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