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Andrea Mullineux and her spouse Chris founded Fog Monster Wines in 2012. Andrea was born and raised in the Bay Area of San Francisco. She attended UC Davis for her winemaking studies before working multiple harvests in Napa and taking courses in wine regions overseas. She met Chris while living in the South of France, and the two eventually moved to South Africa, where they founded a winery. When Andrea and Chris had the idea to open a vineyard in California, they were there visiting friends and relatives. The significant and occasionally overwhelming impact that the fog of the Western Pacific has on the environment of coast Californian vineyards inspired the name "Fog Monster."

California experiences separate rainy and dry seasons because of its Mediterranean climate. There isn't much of a springtime or a fall, and the amount of precipitation is mostly limited to one season. The cultivation of wine is ideal in this type of climate. Finally, California's highlands and soil composition are perfect for growing grapes, as wine grapes grow well in nutrient-rich soil. Their winemaking is automated and aims to express modern minimalist winemaking. Nothing else is changed in their wines other than trace quantities of sulphur. A "legacy" red blend from the Bedrock Estate is made every year for these ultra-low production wines, along with a secondary wine.

A remarkable 1800 meters above sea level, The Fog Monster is a sole vineyard that produces only Petite Sirah, which is a grape variety. This height protects the fruit from the scorching heat, preserving its freshness and delicacy. Additionally, they actively engage in sustainability and green initiatives to demonstrate their dedication to environmental protection. They collaborate with a small number of growers who utilise sustainable farming methods. For instance, the fruit is produced using less sulphur and is grown ecologically. Furthermore, they take more environmentally friendly measures than just picking fruit in an environmentally safe way, as this particular winery uses only recyclable packaging. Even all its shipping options are carbon neutral, making it one of the best wineries to buy from.

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