About Folc

Folc is a renowned winery in England established by Tom Cannon and Elisha Rai. The meaning of the wine estate’s name comes from a noun used in Old English that translates to tribe, people, and family. It depicts the winery’s philosophy and commitment to working and reaching new heights together. 

Folc works and operates in its vineyards and cellars with the aim and intention of sustainability. The winery functions with a mission of attaining and maintaining a complete carbon-neutral state in all its processes. It wishes to reach this goal within the next few years. Folc has been running by following and implementing various practices and methods to acquire it. The winery believes that it has a responsibility to care for and look after the environment. 

Folc is one of the very few wineries in England that has received accreditation from the WineGB Sustainability Scheme. It implies that the winery has an energy-efficient operation and style of working. On top of that, it reduces and minimises the volume or amount of water it uses in its vineyards and wine bottles. Folc performs all its processes with the intention and goal of reducing the impact on the environment and nature. For that reason, the winery monitors the greenhouse gas emission, wine bottle carbon footprint, and wine packaging steps carefully. 

Folc utilizes a carbon-negative and plant-based cork in its wine bottles. In addition, it ensures that its packaging can get recycled. The winery also makes sure that the bottles are biodegradable and do not cause detrimental effects to the surroundings. 

The wines produced by Folc are gluten-free and vegan. To maintain their style and philosophy of sustainability, the winery limits the use and quantity of sulphates in the winemaking process. It does so without compromising the taste and quality of the wines.

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