About Fontodi

The Italian wine brand of Fontodi is managed by the Manetti Family from 1968. This is the same family that is known for its wineries in the Chianti region. Fontodi is a scenic place located at the foothills of the beautiful hills in the Panzano region. Ever since the Manetti Family took over this place in 1968, they did a lot of restructuring work here to make it one of the finest wine-producing regions in Italy. The unique climate and soil quality of Panzano make it ideal for growing the Sangiovese grape varietal.

These vineyards spread across 130 hectares, out of which 70 are filled with vines. There is a reason why Fontodi is classified as a certified organic estate. Here, no chemicals are used for cultivating the grapes. Also, the cultivation is done in such a way that it respects all the rules of nature. The sustainable style of cultivation found in these wineries ensures that it makes optimal use of the available internal resources on hand. This not only results in the wines bearing unique regional flavours but also reduces dependability on the external forces by a large extent.

The cellars of Fontodi deserve special mention because of the descending pattern in which they are constructed. These are built in a modern style to make full use of gravity, so that the true integrity, flavour and characteristics of the grapes are kept intact throughout the vinification process. All the grapes used for Fontodi Wines are cultivated in their own vineyards and picked by hand.

The Fontodi Wines are pleasing on the tongue because of its two main reasons – unique terroir and great soil quality. While terroirs aid cultivation of high-quality grapes, the calcar clayschist soil gives fullness and fragrance to the grapes cultivated here. The microclimate of the Fontodi region also plays a vital role in the exquisite wines that the brand creates.

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