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Fox Gordon was started in 2000 by Sam Atkins to create premium wines from Adelaide Hills that are known for their integrity and beauty. After entering the Australian wine-making scene in 1990, he started Fox Gordon to develop distinctive and valuable Australian wines. He was soon joined by Rachel, his wife, and the rest is history. 

The Atkins family, of which Sam is a member, are involved in the business, agriculture and wine-making. Their success can be attributed to their respect for nature, their support for the community and their confidence in the future. The Atkins joined Adelaide’s farming community in the 1920s and became important stakeholders in it. They continue their traditions over a century and frame them with the required business and market acumen and understanding. 

The name and logo of Fox Gordon represent the wives of the founders of Fox Gordon, namely Rachel Atkins, also known as Fox and Jane Gordon. It sits on 150 acres of vineyard at the Kuipto forest in the Adelaide Hills and overlooks the world-famous McLaren Vale. The desire to produce the best wines that connect Fox Gordon with the farming heritage of Adelaide Hills and the wine community of South Australia. 

The wines of Fox Gordon are produced from grapes from family-owned vineyards and select growers in Adelaide Hills. The wines are highly sought-after, award-winning and quality-driven, due to the opulent nature and quality of the vines and the unique marketing approach of Fox Gordon. The vineyards of Fox Gordon is located in the Adelaide Hills overlooking McLaren Vale. They sit at the height of 380 meters above sea level with cool breezes from the ocean situated 18 kilometres away. The pristine climate, the location of the vineyards nestled within a natural amphitheatre and sustainable wine-making practices followed allows Fox Gordon to produce its wines with balance, elegance and refinement. 

Every bottle of wine is a matter of pride for Fox Gordon, as every drop of wine in Fox Gordon’s bottles bears the family name, implying that the wine represents the family. Therefore, Fox Gordon takes great care in producing wines that the present and the future generation can cherish.  

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