Francine et Olivier Savary

Francine et Olivier Savary

About Francine et Olivier Savary

Sometimes, even when the odds are against us, we can succeed in life, if we move towards our goals with single-minded dedication. Francine et Olivier Savary is the perfect example. This small but exquisite wine estate was started in 1984 by Olivier Savary and his wife, Francine. It is located towards the north of Chablis, in a small village known as Malligny. You can find this region nestled between the regions of Paris and Dijon.

Though his parents weren’t keen on joining the wine business because of the challenging conditions, Olivier and Francine didn’t give up. Olivier went on to learn about the art of winemaking from Dijon Wine School. He, along with his wife, went to farm a small plot of vineyard in the Chablis and Petit Chablis appellations.

After finishing his wine school, he had his dad to help him to take care of the complex vineyards in these appellations. With the able support of his wife and dad, Olivier started making wines under his own label. He and Francine were also encouraged by the fact that their family members had a lot of experience in winemaking. After a few years, their small winery started becoming quite popular. Today, their sons, Maxime and Mathieu, are in charge of the winery and vineyards.

The Chablis appellation in the Kimmeridgian region is rich in clay and limestone soils. The soils, terroirs and the climatic conditions of this place are perfect for growing full-bodied Chardonnays here. These are also known as Beaunois, in this part of the world. Olivier’s expert winemaking skills and the land’s natural terroirs are a great combination. These are the reasons why the Olivier and Francine winery is quite popular in this appellation. The intense aromas of these fruits are perfect representations of the richness of the Chablis region.

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