Frankland Estate

Frankland Estate

About Frankland Estate

Frankland Estate is one of Australia’s most renowned wineries, established in 1988 by Judi Cullam and Barrie Smith. Located in the district of the Frankland River, the area enjoys a cold and pleasant climate that is typical to the southwestern coast of Western Australia. Since its foundation, the couple has remained invested and involved in the winery and its vineyards’ operation and management. They share and hold the responsibility of the estate’s winemaking and overall working. In recent times, their children Hunter and Elizabeth Smith, have taken over the roles. They aim to drive the family business forward and to a new level.

The vineyards of Frankland Estate lie in a region that experiences distinct seasons of wet, cold winters and arid, long summers. It leads to low disease pressure in the area. The winery dry farms the harvested vines. It allows the produced wines to outwardly deliver and portray the regional variation and expression of the seasons. It makes the drinks unique and exclusive to Frankland Estate. 

Additionally, the winery focuses on quality instead of quantity. For that reason, they get low yields per harvest season. It, in turn, facilitates the flavour and aroma of the grapes to develop to a great extent. 

The workers and staff at Frankland Estate believe that the respect and appreciation they show towards the land and the environment are the root cause of the excellence of their wines. That is why they aim to work per the principles and cycles implemented by nature. They take an organic approach to viticulture. They do so by monitoring the health of the plants and the soil continuously. They take from the land only that much that they can give back using natural means. This devotion to sustainable farming earned Frankland Estate an organic certification in 2009.

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