Franz Haas

Franz Haas

About Franz Haas

The Franz Haas Winery is the place that you have to go to, if you are a lover of authentic Italian wines. Managed by seven generations of winemakers, this winery, which covers an area of 55 hectares, is known for cultivating the most challenging of all vines – the Pinot Nero. Franz released its first Pinot Nero Schweitzer wine label in 1990.

Located in the areas of Egna, Montagna and Aldino, the vineyards of Franz Haas are located at varying altitude levels ranging from about 250m to 1150m above sea level. The key feature of these vineyards is that they contain different soil qualities as well (sandy to clayey to soil with good calcium content). These, along with the varying intensities of microclimatic conditions, make these vineyards suitable for growing different rich-flavoured grape varietals.

During the year 2018, Franz Haas decided to bottle all his wines with screw caps to retain their flavours and aromas. With this decision, he became one of the first and few Italian winemakers to embrace this approach. Some of the popular wines from this label are:

  • Pinot Grigio – Made from Pinot Grigio Grapes grown at an altitude of 350 to 800m
  • Lepus – Made from Pinot Bianco grapes
  • Traminer Aromatico – Made from the indigenous grape varietal of Gewurztraminer
  • Petit Manseng – Made from Petit Manseng grapes grown at a height of about 220 and 320m
  • Manna – Made from the blend of four grapes – Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Traminer Aromatico
  • Moscato Giallo – New wine released in 2010 as an experiment from the Franz Haas label
  • Sauvignon – Made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown at a height of about 400 to 800m
  • Pinot Nero – Most popular wine made from Pinot Nero grapes grown at a height of about 350 to 900m
  • Lagrein – Made from the indigenous grape varietal of Lagrein grown in Alto Adige

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