Frescobaldi - Tenuta Luce

Frescobaldi - Tenuta Luce

About Frescobaldi - Tenuta Luce

Around 1308, the Frescobaldi family started making Tuscan wine and soon earned a prominent market. In the early 1990s, Robert Mondavi and Vittorio Frescobaldi had a brief encounter that opened a new chapter in the storied past of the famous Tuscan wines. After that, a dream came true - the creation of wine in Montalcino, a region known for producing top-notch wines. Tenuta Luce, the name chosen for this big project, is a reference to Montalcino's sunshine, which provides life and sustenance. Since that time, Tenuta Luce has consistently upheld this goal. In addition to Luce, Tenuta's signature wine, other premium wines have been produced as this joint venture gave rise to multiple brands in the past many years.

Some of the finest wines are produced in these Tuscan environments, where olive orchards, forests, and vineyards alternate. The region's ideal weather conditions facilitate the production of high-quality wines in Montalcino: on these hills, the air is clean, and the summers are lengthy, dry, and warm. The Tenuta Luce vineyards are located on the gentle hills to the southwest of the hamlet of Montalcino. Each parcel in Tenuta Luce has unique qualities. They are between 200 and 430 meters above sea level. This area has three primary soil types: clayey (mixed) in the lowland, sandy-schistose in the higher land, and yellow sands in the centre. The soil's mineral content, as well as the microorganisms, make up the perfect environment.

Sustainable practices are used as a way of showing respect for the environment. Organic methods are mostly employed in vineyards to maintain healthy plants. Tenuta Luce maintains a relatively low average output of wine per acre in order to improve the uniqueness of the grape varietals and promote the complete development of the terroir. When the fermentation is finished at the end of November, the different types are combined after being harvested individually.

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