About Fresita

Originating from Chile, Fresita features a distinct combination of the highest standard of sparkling wine and carefully chosen strawberries. Created using the Charmat method of winemaking, it delivers a balanced, elegant, refreshing, and natural taste, aroma, and flavour. 

The term “Fresita” is of Spanish origin and means “strawberry.” Initially, when the fruit got discovered in Patagonia of Chile, people knew of its white variants. Later, Amédée-François Frézier presented them to the world in 1714. Eventually, the strawberries of red colour evolved, and now, very few knew that the white ones also existed. In recent times, however, both the Chilean strawberries get celebrated for their delicious fragrance, sweet taste, and size.  

The creation of Fresita in 1992 was due to the motivation to deliver a unique beverage that appeals to people’s desire for a genuine experience. The wine has a blend combination of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Moscatel. Each varietal gets fermented in separate chambers to create their unique still wines first. Then, they get blended, followed by a second fermentation process. This dual treatment helps attain an exceedingly dry base for the sparkling wine of Fresita. At the final stage of the winemaking, freshly picked and intensely flavoured strawberries of the Patagonian variety get added to the product. It results in the deep, fruity, luscious, and smooth salmon pink colour of Fresita with strawberry pulp suspended or floating in it. 

Fresita contains persistent bubbles and solely 8% alcohol, making it a drink that people with low alcoholic tolerance can enjoy. It offers a beverage that is full of the sweetness of strawberry with the appropriate amount of intensity. The sparkling wine provides a refreshing feel, especially when served and drunk chilled. Due to its unique taste qualities and appearance, Fresita goes well with snacks and desserts or simply by itself.

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