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Frog's Leap

About Frog's Leap

Frog’s Leap is a renowned wine producer that originated in California. However, it operates from Rutherford. Established in 1981, the winery got founded by Larry Turley and John Williams. It lies on the Frog Farm that runs along the Mills Creek in Napa Valley’s Rutherford Appellation. When the two started working together, Larry served as a doctor. Also, John worked as a winemaker at the famous Spring Mountain Vineyard. Frog’s Leap got its name by combining the names of two places. The first is where the winery’s first wines got produced, Frog Farm, and the winery where John had his initial winemaking job, Stag’s Leap. 

In its early years, Frog’s Leap took to and implemented organic farming practices and methods. It allowed the winery to become the first in the Napa Valley to have a certification to plant grapevines and grow grapes organically. John and Larry built and managed the winery in Saint Helena in California till 1994. After that, John shifted Frog’s Leap to Rutherford’s Red Barn Branch. On the other hand, Larry established what we know today as Turley Wine Cellars. 

In 2005, Frog’s Leap incorporated and started using a photovoltaic system to power its estate and fields. Its annual output stands at about 260,000 kilowatt-hours, allowing it to produce over 85% of the energy that the winery uses. 

The vineyards owned by Frog’s Leap are dry-farmed. It aids in conserving water and curbing soil erosion. The winery believes that it allows the planted grapevines to become healthier, stronger, and of a superior standard. In addition to this, Frog’s Leap includes the usage of cover crops and compost as well. It permits the soil to get enriched naturally and organically without using any synthetic substance, products, or chemicals that can prove detrimental to the land and the environment.

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