Frost Pocket

Frost Pocket

About Frost Pocket

Frost pocket is one of the best wines from New Zealand. The winemaker is Marlborough wine growers. One of the most outstanding things about Malborough wine rowers is that the harvest is done very carefully, and in the end, there are 7 to 10 picks. This is usually done to achieve a blend of flavours. Harvesting is usually conducted at night when it is cool. The fruits are machine harvested before being taken to the winery in 90 minutes. The harvester is the latest and has selective process technology. Because of this, the fruits with full content get to the press. Malborough wine growers use a gentle press to reduce any phenolic pick within the pressed juice. 

Malborough wine growers cooperative creates the best sauvignon blanc. Sauvignon blanc is renowned in the region. One thing that makes the cooperative stand out is that they don’t sell it but work with wine buyers to develop custom wines that are market defined. Some wine buyers need many litres of wine, while others require far less. Wine growers work with both types of companies. There are retailers and international corporates making up the clientele. Some smaller merchants are a bit more exclusive. The cooperative has the capacity to supply all the wines as specified. The cooperative can meet all the needs that the clients have. 

Malborough wine growers are not rigid. They deal with different flavour profiles. The growers they work with are quite diverse, which allows the cooperative to experiment with grape profiles and terroir flavour. Even though they deal with many winegrowers, you can expect great wines. The best part is that the cooperative is always ready to change to meet market demands. For this to work, the winemakers take time to understand specific market demands and some time with the wine supplier to understand what is needed. The cooperative offers branding services as well, even though the customers are free to brand as they deem fit. One of the brands from the cooperative is frost pocket.

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