Gallina De Piel

Gallina De Piel

About Gallina De Piel

Gallina de Piel was started in 2017 by David Seijas, whose passion is to bring people to wines. He is helped by Gullem Sanz and Ferran Centelles. With an experience of twenty years in winemaking, along with writing books on winemaking and giving classes and lectures on radio and television, Seijas’ passion for winemaking is evident. Seijas has shown his prowess in winemaking at El Bulli and other restaurants. Seijas hopes to elevate the palate of customers with Gallina de Piel and make them happier. 

Gullem Sanz Obach is the executive director of the Gallina de Piel and is also a sommelier. His aim in winemaking is similar to that of Seijas’: to make the wines from Gallina de Piel a ‘gallina de piel’ (meaning ‘goosebumps’) experience for the customers. 

Gallina de Piel envisions communicating in their languages through their wines, share the happiness of having a humble bottle of wine, and allow customers to enjoy the thrill of every drop of Gallina de Piel. The company strives to bring out the best wines by looking for the best grapes and vineyards from around Spain. A chain of action drives their activities; they first listen, then interpret what they listen to, they search and elaborate on what they listened to and interpreted, share these findings with others and get back to listening for more. 

Gallina de Piel proposes wines that thrill them by valuing different styles and varieties of grapes while defending the place the grapes originate. The wines are produced in collaboration with the best wine producers in Spain, and the wines respect the gastronomy of the customer. The company has developed new codes to communicate wine from new graphic languages. 

Gallina de Piel was lucky to be part of the cultural revolution initiated by El Bulli, rated five times as the best restaurant in the world. The company is different from others due to its vast knowledge of various grape varieties, landscapes and people that are accumulated over the years. David Seijas and Gullem Sanz are sommeliers who are passionate about enhancing the communication between the wine and the customer.

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