About Gašper

The story of Gašper revolves around that of its founder and owner, Gašper Čarman. The wine label, established in 2013, depicts and represents Gašper’s love for wine and the entire process of winemaking. The winery serves as a symbol of his years of history and association with food and wines. 

Gašper has worked in his family’s restaurant named Danilo, located in the village of Reteče, since an early age. During this time, he fell in love and garnered interest in wines. He met numerous winemakers who visited the restaurant and learned about their stories and experiences. Inspired by the fascinating individuals, he started working as a Sommelier. In 2004, Gašper began selling the beverages, gradually expanding his small garage shop to a wine estate. 

Gašper’s transition and change from a Sommelier to a winemaker began with his contact and acquaintance with various wine distributors, developers, and producers. In 2012, he partnered with a local cooperative that understood and supported his aspiration, ambition, and goal. It offered him immense financial support in realising his dream of obtaining his terroir. Initially, the wines produced by Gašper winery were enough only for local consumption. However, the scale gradually grew to it distributing wines to over twenty countries internationally. 

Gašper has received the award of the Best Sommelier Competition of Slovenia two times in 2013 and 2015, respectively. In addition, he has participated in the World’s and Europe’s Best Sommelier Competitions, making a name for himself on each platform. The young winemaker believes and considers that what the wine displays and delivers in the cup is more important than its story. He emphasises that the first impression of the drink is the sole factor that can form the basis of a long-term relationship. It was Gašper’s philosophy and motivation when creating his distinct winery.

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