G.D. Vajra

G.D. Vajra

About G.D. Vajra

Established in 1972 by Guiseppe Domenico Vajra (GD Vajra), this winery is located in the tallest village of Barolo in the north-western part of Italy. Here, the vineyards are located at an altitude of 400m. This brand uses grapes cultivated from its family-owned vineyards to craft exquisite wines. Today, all the 40 hectares of vineyards and the winery are managed by Vajra’s son, Aldo, along with his wife and children. Thanks to the popularity of these wines, the village of Barolo is quite well-known to wine lovers across the globe today.

The grapes produced here are relatively of a small yield when compared to other brands; however, they stand apart in terms of fragrance and elegance. Since the vineyards are located at an elevated level, these grapes ripen quite slowly, but they when they do, you will notice that they are full with a character and taste that cannot be described in words. Thanks to the height of the vineyards and the micro-climate that prevails in this region throughout the year, the grapes are of extremely high quality.

The most popular vineyards of the GD Vajra group are located in areas such as Bricco delle Viole, Fossati, Coste di Vergne and La Volta. The vines here are very fertile and fragrant because of the unique soil quality that is rich in calcareous marl. Aldo’s Barolo Wines are very popular because they are made from grapes sourced from a single vineyard.

These Barolo wines are crafted using the traditional winemaking method, where Aldo mixes traditional winemaking styles with new techniques to bring out wines that are more fragrant and elegant than before. These wines are aged for about 3.5 years in GD Vajra’s sophisticated cellars, before they are sent for bottling. These qualities make this brand of wine, one of the best not only in the Barolo village but also in Italy.

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