Gérard Bertrand

Gérard Bertrand

About Gérard Bertrand

The story of Gérard Bertrand remains closely linked with three generations of the Bertrand family. The wine estate and winemaking craft have remained associated with the renowned winegrowers Paule, Georges, and Gérard Bertrand, getting passed down through generations. The winery’s fame started coming into light in 1975 when Georges Bertrand took his then ten-year-old son, Gérard, to harvest grapes on the Château de Villemajou in the Corbières wine appellation.

Georges Bertrand set the field for the establishment of the winery Gérard Bertrand when he revealed the excellent terroirs and parcels of the Languedoc province to the world. On top of that, he opened the path for Boutenac Cru to gain recognition in the global wine market and industry. Seeing such feats accomplished by his father, Gérard Bertrand has shared his convictions and passions for winemaking for over 30 years. It allowed him to raise the fame and name of the winery, bringing it to the level it is today.

Gérard Bertrand operates on the morals and principles of naturalness, innovation, amiability, and excellence. The wine estate implements various methods, techniques, and practices to ensure it. The winery believes that the best way to produce wines and drinks having exceptional quality and class is by creating a harmonious relationship between nature and the viticultural processes. This mindset allows Gérard Bertrand to develop and sell products that possess the ability and capability to represent the nuances and attributes of the terroirs of Southern France.

Gérard Bertrand implemented biodynamic agricultural practices in all of the estate’s processes since 2002. The winery did so to preserve the natural qualities of the land. It entails using herbal teas and compost instead of fertilisers to supplement the soil. The incorporated methods consider the inherent elements of the plots and the vines, minimising human interference and intervention.

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