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Ghost Corner

About Ghost Corner

At the southernmost African tip lies the ghost corner wines. Over the years, over 130 ships have been destroyed by the treacherous waters. The issue with this area is the fact that compasses don’t show any deviation between the true and magnetic north. This makes navigating the area impossible, especially on stormy dark nights. 

From the dramatic coastline lie Elim ward, where David has vineyards taking advantage of the great growing conditions. In this area. There is extreme climate as well as cooling, south-easterly breezes. The lime-rich soils combined with gravel and slate deposit has led to the establishment and rise of ghost corner wines. These are the bowline, pinot noir, wild ferment Sauvignon Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon. This is a wine range that evokes past mysteries with a lingering taste. 

The ghost corner brand was created by David Nieuwoudt in 2007. He only started with two wines. These were Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon. David added three new ones in 2012. These are:

- The bowline, which is sauvignon Blanc blended with Semillon

- Ghost corner pinot noir

- Wild ferment Sauvignon Blanc which is a sauvignon Blanc created by fermenting naturally in some older barrels. 

David has made it his tradition to select some grapes from Elim ward vineyards near cape Agulhas on the tip of Africa. In this area, David has been able to craft some of the most unique wines from a terroir that is rather extreme at the tip of Africa. 

Ghost corner wines have received recognition all over the world. The company has participated in many challenges, and even though they don’t have wine-tasting facilities, the company still stands out as one of the best. To prove this, it has scooped awards since its inception. The company stands as one of the greatest wine producers in South Africa and beyond, owing it to its location and great leadership. 

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