Giacomo Fenocchio

Giacomo Fenocchio

About Giacomo Fenocchio

Established in 1864, the Giacomo Fenocchio winery is one of the most significant and illustrious representatives of the wine industry. They are renowned for their traditional Barolos and are known for it all across the globe. Today, Claudio Fenocchio serves as the person in charge of looking after the winery and handling its operations. He embodies the fifth generation of winemakers and vinedressers in his family tree. 

Giacomo Fenocchio cuts no corners and takes no shortcuts when it comes it producing wines. They follow a natural fermentation process with a length and slow maceration on the skins of the grapes. It gets followed by ageing in barrels of substantial size instead of barriques. This method or style of winemaking allows the wine to age for a long time and attain and deliver the perfect balance of complexity and elegance in the bottle. The produced wines possess a structured, aromatic, harmonious, and forceful character. 

The workers in the vineyards of Giacomo Fenocchio follow and respect an organic style and method of viticulture. They encourage and implement sustainable farming and cultivation practices. They also incorporate traditional techniques passed down through generations in the family. They work with the aim and intention of delivering the highest quality wines that can represent the territory of its source or origin. It gets enhanced due to the iron-rich soil that has a considerable deposit of calcareous and clayey sediments. 

The staff in the Giacomo Fenocchio winery have attained consistency in the operational system and crafted their methods in the best possible way. They believe that it was possible only because of their ancestors’ respect, effort, and dedication, devoted to the vineyards and the winery. For this reason, the workers toil with increased willingness to sustain and continue their tradition and take it to a higher level.

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