Giovanni Rosso

Giovanni Rosso

About Giovanni Rosso

Giovanni Rosso is a 10-hectare family-owned wine producer located in the Barolo commune in Serralunga d’Alba. The owners of the winery, the Rosso family, have cultivated vineyards in the region since the 1890s. Creating solely red wine, they developed an extraordinary passion for Barolo and Nebbiolo, its great grape. Giovanni Rosso reconstructed and restructured their vineyards with modern layouts in the early 1980s. He did it with the intention and desire to grow and cultivate the highest quality grapes. 

Davide, Giovanni’s son, gained invaluable and beneficial experience after studying oenology in France. In 2001, he became the person in charge of the winemaking and ageing of their wines. He performed his duties with the goal that their quality should reflect their terroir. His belief and dream got aided by the most beneficial soil of the Serralunga d’Alba slopes. 

The vineyard plots owned by Giovanni Rosso consist of areas like Broglio, La Serra, Costa bella, Lirano, Vigna Rionda, Cerretta, Damiano, Meriame, and Sorano. The winery follows an organic style of viticulture to the best of its abilities. They shun synthetic chemical treatment reagents such as insecticides, weed-killers, and fertilizers. The harvest, soil tilting, and pruning get done manually to create and maintain the perfect conditions for the growth of the grapevines. They also implement green harvesting as and when necessary. The vineyard workers permit plant growth between the vine rows to encourage diversity and facilitate soil health. The soil types and features vary across the different sites of the winery. They range from marl and calcareous clay to sand and limestone. 

The elements of altitude, soil type, and sunlight exposure differ from one cru to the next. Thus, the workers adapt to the necessary conditions and implement process diversifications. They apply changes in each methodology and job to promote grapevine growth.

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