Giuseppe Mascarello

Giuseppe Mascarello

About Giuseppe Mascarello

Giuseppe Mascarello’s history began in 1881 with the winemaker of the same name. Giuseppe, a vine-tender at the time, started the family business. He established it in the Monforte d’Alba village. In that location, he bought a parcel in Regione Pian della Polvere. In 1904, the winery shifted to the Monprivato area in Castiglione Falletto. It was after Maurizio Mascarello, Giuseppe’s son, purchased a farm there. 

The Monprivato farmland and vineyards allowed Maurizio to produce the Barolo grown there. However, the number of grapes that he could grow were inadequate. That is why Maurizio started to complete the planned production with Barbera and Dolcetto wines. He did so using the selected and highest-quality grapes. These vines got cultivated in the best positions and purchased from various reliable sources there. 

Maurizio bought an 18th century-old building in the Monchiero village in 1919. The structure depicted the dignity of Piedmontese civil engineering of the 1700s. Initially, its purpose was to store natural ice and sell it. However, Maurizio made renovations to the building and shifted the winery there. The underlying elements and features of the structure allowed for the sustenance of steady temperature. It lasted through all seasons, proving beneficial for wine storage. 

After Maurizio passed away in 1923, his two sons, Giuseppe and Natale, took over the family business. However, they soon split apart and divided the land due to their contrasting philosophies. In the early 1932, Giuseppe took the call to abandon all other side jobs and focus on producing superior-quality wines. Under his leadership, Barolo production increased significantly.

Today, Mauro Mascarello handles the family business. He had worked with his father for several years, taking on his principles and philosophies. In 1979, he purchased the other half of the winery after his uncle Natale’s death, reuniting the separated sections.

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