Goats do Roam

Goats do Roam

About Goats do Roam

The South African wine brand of Goats Do Roam was started on a very small scale by wine expert Charles Black in the year 2000,  but today it is the biggest selling South African wine brand in the United States of America. The success of this brand is the high quality of wine blends it produces. Initially, it was created for a single red wine blend only, but slowly, it progressed to create whites and rose’ wine types as well.

The Goats Do Roam wine brand uses grapes grown in the vineyards of Paarl, Malmesbury and Stellenbosch, predominantly. Sometimes, Charles Black also purchases select quality of grapes from the local farmers to ensure that his brand creates wines that reflect the true flavour and character of the fruits.

This is a brand from the company of Fairview Wines. The interesting name of this wine brand is inspired by a story that happened many years ago. When Black’ s young son had left the gates of the vineyards open, goats roamed into the rich pastures of the Rhone Valley and selected the choicest of the berries from the vines found there. As an honour to these goats that taught them the value of these vineyards, Fairview has named the wines created here as “Goats Do Roam.” The characteristic feature of these wines is that they have an interesting combination of Southern French and Italian blends in them.

The selected fruits are sent to the Fairview’s cellars, where they undergo a detailed fermentation process. Fermentation is done using traditional French and American oak barrels. The style is modern, but the techniques used are traditional, in these cellars. The aim of the resident winemaker here is to ensure that the flavour of the fruit doesn’t get lost in the process of winemaking. Red wine is very popular in this brand.

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