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Golden State

About Golden State

Golden State, located in California, is an exceedingly reputed wholesaler, broker, importer, distributor, and maker of limited-production and premium wines. The winery had been established and set up by Mike Miller in 1982. Since then, the company has been at the forefront of world-class and reputed wines. Although Golden State started as a small winery, it allowed no one to stand in its way. It has now emerged as one of California’s most reputed wine distributors.

The popularity of the wines developed by Golden State comes from the land on which the grape varieties get grown. The weather and climate of Northern California are exceptionally suitable for harvesting and growing various grapes varieties. It allows the winery to produce diverse wines. Each of them has vibrant and delectable flavours. On top of that, the region receives abundant rainfall and sunshine. Both of these factors are essential for the growth of grape plants. 

The rich and fresh taste of the wines produced by Golden State can also get owed to the quality of the land in Northern California. The soil in the region remains enriched with minerals and nutrients. They support the development of various grape plant varieties, allowing the fruits to become sweet and plump when they get ripe and ready for harvest. Golden State plants the grapes beneficially, allowing each sapling to get the required nutrients. In addition, the workers watch out for weeds, insects, and other parameters that could affect the plants detrimentally. 

Since its establishment, Golden State has followed strict rules and criteria in its process parameters and steps. The winery has done so to ensure its products’ quality, value, and authenticity. For that reason, Golden State now has the ability and capability to produce some of the best and most sought-after wines in the entire world.

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