About Grace

The Japanese wine company of Grace was established in the year 1953 by the third generation Kazuo Misawa family member. The seeds for this company were sown in 1923 when the Chotaro Inzai Wine Company was launched in Katsunuma-Cho. There was no looking back for the company since the 1950s. It grew from strength to strength, and today it has become the most popular Japanese wines in the world. A major advantage of this brand is that it is not very tough to pronounce for foreigners.

Currently, Ayana Misawa of the historic winemaking family is at the helm of the affairs here. She knows the tricks of the trade very well because she studied winemaking in one of the world’s premium wine region of Bordeaux.  Thanks to her rich experience in France and other reputed wineries in Australia, Ayana brought all her knowledge into making one of the exquisite Grace wines from the native white varietal of Koshu.

The grapes for Grace Wines are grown in a couple of vineyards located at Akeno and Katsunuma. The Akeno Vineyards are located in the Yamanashi Perfecture in Hokuto City. Here, the vines are grown very naturally without the use of any harsh chemicals or fertilisers. The vines are located at an average height of 700m above sea level here. So, the height and the cool, passing winds help in creating grapes of unique quality.

The Katsunuma vineyard, located in the Kofu Basin of the Yamanashi Perfecture, is the one where the Koshu grape is found the most in Japan. Thanks to the mountains nearby, the sandy soil of this vineyard help in cultivating concentrated Koshu varietals. The wines created here are classified into categories such as Cuvee Misawa, Koshu, Misawa Vineyard, Yamanashi, Sparkling and Fortified Wine. Out of these, the Koshu range is the most popular across the globe.

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