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Gran Moraine

About Gran Moraine

Located at the centre of Willamette Valley’s Yamhill-Carlton AVA, Gran Moraine is a famous winery. It produces Pinot Noir, sparkling wines, and Chardonnay from their estate’s 190-acre vineyard. The Gran Moraine Vineyards and the Winery Estate Vineyard remain perched on the northern Willamette Valley’s hub of the oldest sedimentary-based marine soils. 

The wines produced by Gran Moraine showcase and represent the tireless and dedicated attention to the minutest details that Shane Moore, the winery’s winemaker, puts into his work. An Idaho native, Shane has a bachelor degree from the renowned Washington State University. There, he studied under the science of viticulture and oenology.

With experience gained from Western Australia, Canada, and Israel, Shane began his job in the winemaking team under Jackson Family Wines in 2011. Today, the enthusiastic and devoted care that he and his team put into the vineyards and the vinification process allows the creation of elegance and precision in the wine bottle.

At Gran Moraine, the workers believe in the significance of picking the fruits when they are at the epitome of ripeness. They do so to attain and maintain the most intense, expressive, and purest characteristics and personality of the grapes and the wine. The refreshing temperate climate of the area surrounding the vineyards provides the perfect growing conditions for the vines. They allow the plants to have an extended hang-time, preserve their acidity, and facilitate the nuanced earth and fruit characteristics. These elements form the signature taste and aroma of the wines produced by Gran Moraine.  They portray the complex and delicate aspects of their origin. 

Gran Moraine is a comparatively new winery whose planting processes concluded in 2005. Although it is an original originating from Oregon, its spirit gets derived from France. The winery emphasises and focuses on the classic varieties of Burgundian.

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