About Grattamacco

Established in 1977, Grattamacco is a famous Italian winery that has remained true to its Tuscan roots for ages. The winery's estate lies in a protected spot of the Bolgheri hills. It remains situated at about 100 meters to 200 meters above sea level. The place is renowned for its history and unique soil that supports the growth of high-standard grapevines. 

Grattamacco served as the first winery to plant the grape variety of Vermentino in the region. It has the oldest vineyard that has remained in operation since 1986 and still gets used for production. In recent times, the Grattamacco estate consists of 80 hectares of land in total. Out of them, 25 hectares remain dedicated for the cultivation and plantation of grapevines. 

The area remains surrounded by expansive woodland. It allows moderation of the sea currents and winds from the Tyrrhenian Sea. In turn, the drying effect that gets created permits the estate and winery to work and function sustainably. 

On top of that, the vineyards of Grattamacco feature three types of soil. They consist of the red and silt sandy soil, the calcareous flysch soil, and the sandy calcareous flysch soil. All of them are rich in nutrients that enrich the planted grapevines and help to increase their quality and standard. 

Grattamacco employs and implements a sustainable and traditional approach to winemaking. It implies that the grapes get harvested by hand. The winery goes with a low yield every year. It allows them to focus on the excellence and worth of each produced bottle of wine. Additionally, the vinification process witnesses an exceptionally long maceration time. It helps to bring out the rich character and personality of the wines. Overall, Grattamacco aims and tries to work with minimal intervention throughout the winemaking process to preserve the natural qualities involved.

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