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Grgich Hills Estate

About Grgich Hills Estate

Miljenko mike Grgich got international recognition at the Paris tasting in 1976. This is a historic blind-tasting event where eminent French judges could swirl and sniff different white burgundies of France and upstart chardonnays in napa valley. After tallying the scores, the judges got shocked because mike Grgich’s chateau Montelena chardonnay had been picked as the world’s finest white wine. Because of the results, the international establishment was stunned, which is how mike became so reputable in the world of winemakers. 

This wine tasting was an indication that the wine industry in California was moving, and this laid the groundwork that led to the Grgich Hills cellar being created. After the Paris victory, mike forged forces with Austin hills and mary from the hills Bros coffee family. This is how Grgich Hills was born on 1977 Independence Day. This was a good partnership because Austin already had premium vineyards in napa valley. He also had extensive knowledge of business, and he handled the winery’s financial matters. 

Mike was committed to making high-quality wines, which became the signature wine. The richly complex and exquisite chardonnays now win awards. The chardonnays are a delight for all wine lovers all over the world.

After Austin hills and Miljenko mike Grgich joined forces to create Grgich Hills cellar, the proposed design for the label was a horse with a baton in its mouth. However, some friendly debate resulted in the redesigning of the label to ensure that it reflected the philosophy of the winery that had been formed. The conclusion was that grapes make wine and that is how the design currently used was chosen. 

The label was produced by Sebastian tritium, a wine country artist. The label features a cluster of grapes prominently done. For the white wines, yellow chardonnay grapes are used, while the red wine bears red cabernet sauvignon grapes. At the left and right corners, there is equal billing of the partners with a depiction of white and red checkered crest depicting Croatia which is Grgich’s homeland and the rearing horse depicting the family crest of the Hill’s. 

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