About Grosset

The area of Clare Valley in South Australia is famous for crafting high-quality organic wines and Grosset wines are no exception to this rule. Jeffrey Grosset, who currently owns this brand, and his expert winemaking teamwork with a single-minded objective to keep the winemaking techniques innovative but as traditional as possible. The wines crafted here are delicious and have a balanced flavour, as they are made in a 100% natural way.

Grosset Wines are crafted from full-flavoured and rich grapes cultivated in one of these vineyards:

Polish Hill – Here, the soil has a thin crust of clay over slate and the area is popular for growing unique-flavoured, berry-sized grapes. These vineyards have been in vogue ever since 1996 are known for their organic and chemical-free methods of fruit-handling and vinification.

Springvale – Located at an altitude of 465m above sea level, these vineyards are the tallest and coolest vineyard in the Watervale region. Here, you can notice red loamy and limestone-rich soil quality, which makes it perfect for planting Riesling vines. This is also one of the oldest vineyards of the region and the first ever Riesling was planted here during the 1860s.

Rockwood – Made up of hard rocks and diverse types of soil quality, this is the most difficult vineyard in the Watervale region.

Gaia – It was during 1986 that grape varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc were planted in the isolated vineyard area of Gaia. Famous for its organic farming and natural winemaking methods, this vineyard focuses quite deeply on ecological development.

Adelaide Hills – The Piccadilly Valley, one of the coolest places in South Australia, is where you will spot the Adelaide Hills vineyards. The cool climate and the challenging quality of the terroir here make it an awesome place to grow grape varietals such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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