About Groth

Groth Winery is an exceedingly renowned winery in the heart or middle of the famed town of Oakville in The United States of America. Established in 1982, the wine estate remains reputed for the world-class and high-quality wines it produces and distributes. The products retain and deliver exceptional flavour, mouthfeel, taste, aroma, and elegance. They have the power to leave numerous people mesmerised.

Groth Winery had gotten established as a dream and venture of its founder, Dennis Groth and Judy, his wife. Dennis was an Atari executive before setting up his distinct wine estate. In addition to that, he served as a partner at Arthur Young & Co for 13 years. The couple hailed from the San Jose Bay Area, but in 1985, they shifted to Napa Valley. It allowed them to gain knowledge and understanding of the art and craft of winemaking, setting the basis for the establishment of Groth Winery.

Initially, Dennis and Judy planned to purchase a parcel in Sonoma County and establish the winery there. However, during their return trip to Napa Valley, the couple came across the vineyards of Oakville. It left them stunned, and they instantly felt the appeal from the plots on the valley floor. It, in turn, compelled them to purchase the 121-acre land in 1981 and start their business there. The vineyards, at that time, already had the two grape varieties of Napa Gamay and Cabernet Sauvignon planted in them. Nevertheless, the parcels and terroirs required additional work, and the two founders did precisely that.

Today, Groth Winery runs under the leadership and supervision of Suzanne Groth, the daughter of Judy and Dennis. Suzanne works with determination and aspiration to keep the family estate and winery flourishing. Under her guidance, Groth produces superior wines that pair well with most cuisine and dishes.

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