About Hartenberg

Located in the premium wine region of Stellenbosch region of South Africa, the Hartenberg winery is considered as the home of the world’s best Shiraz. The vineyards are located on the slopes of the scenic Bottelary Hills. Established in 1692, the Hartenberg Wine Estate is blessed with a typical Mediterranean climate of dry summers and wet winters.

It was during the year 1692 when close friends Cunraad Boin and Christoffel Esterhuizzen start planting vines in this area that was spread across just 20 hectares.  In the year 1987, Ken Mackenzie acquired ownership of the Hartenberg and is managed by this family till now. The main reason for the success of the Hartenberg winery is the simplicity with which the Mackenzie family runs the estate. Spread over 170 hectares today, the Hartenberg Estate plays an important role in biodiversity and wine initiatives in the region.

One of the best features of the Hartenberg Estate is its underground cellar. Currently, it is the biggest private owned cellar in South Africa. Since the vineyards are located strategically in the northeastern slopes of the Bottelary Hills, the vines enjoy the maximum benefits of the morning and afternoon sun.

The white and red wines produced here are known for their purity and strong flavours. While Riesling is the main white grape varietal cultivated here, Cabernet Shiraz is the most famous red wine of the region.  Stork Shiraz, named after the estate’s owner, Ken Mackenzie, is also a much-appreciated wine of this region. Gravel Hill, a popular wine created here,  became the first ever single-vineyard Shiraz wine produced in South Africa. 

During summers, the Hartenberg Wine Estate organizes many picnics and wine tasting tours for wine lovers across the globe. Close to 60 hectares of this estate is not cultivated at all, as the area is fully dedicated to Wetland Conservation. 

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