Hartford Court

Hartford Court

About Hartford Court

The Hartford family winery was established in 1994. This was because of don and Jennifer Hartford’s wine appreciation, the vineyards, and the people in the Russian river valley. Hartford Court is situated in Sonoma country town. The winery is some 15 miles from the Pacific coast. 

Hartford Court USA makes some of the most delicious and high-personality wines. The reason why this has been possible is associated with where the vineyard sources are located. There is also the limited production of the varietals and bottlings used. 

The Hartford winery specialises in the making of wine using single vineyard sites. 25 single vineyard bottles have been made by Hartford in some recent vintages. The low-yield and small vineyards are capable of delivering personality-rich and expressive wine. Single vineyard wines are highly valued, and, in most cases, small quantities are produced. 

Hartford Court is passionate about pinot Noir and have made some of the best from the Russian valley and other areas. Pinot Noir is a red wine that is silky and supple in taste. It is one of the best ways that Hartford can express its vineyard characteristic transparently. 

Chardonnay vineyards are very expressive because of the cool climate in the Russian valley and Sonoma coast. They are planted with clones to match the sites and reflect the terroir in the high reward locations.

Hartford court has some old vineyards that are between 80-100 years. Old vine zinfandel vineyards are used to boost the depth and complexity of the flavours that stand out. Hartford does small vineyard designated type of bottlings every year and today, the Russian river vineyard wines can be found in prestigious restaurants all over the world. 

Since 1994, the winery has been making Hartford court wines with the inaugural vintage wines being released in 1996. The company has received different awards and recognitions over the years. The company releases also received high acclaim from prestigious publications and the Hartford court wines are sometimes served at the white house.

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