Herència Altés

Herència Altés

About Herència Altés

The Spanish wine label of Herencia Altes was established in 2010. Within three years, the group became big and popular enough to buy its fine vineyard in the premium La Serra region. The group also bought another winery int e Batea Village. In the next couple of years, the vineyards of Grau and Chalamera also became under the control of the owners of the Herencia Altes label. 

Today, the group manages 60 hectares of vine cultivation. Organic viticultural practices are followed here with great sincerity. The grapes for these wines are sourced from the three organic vineyards of La Serra, Lo Grau Del’inquisidor and La Serra Xalamera. 

La Serra

Located in the region of Terra Alta, these vineyards can be found right in the middle of the Batea and Gandesa towns. The 21.6-hectare vineyard is mostly planted with the white garnatxa varietals. Garnacha Negra and Carignan are also planted in small lots here. All of these vines are planted at a height of between 420 and 480m above sea level.

Lo Grau Del’inquisidor

These vineyards are blessed with natural beauty all over as they are located at the foothills of the architecturally-brilliant Coll Del Moro fort. Excavations conducted in this area some time ago proved that winemaking was done here right from the 3rd century AD, making it the most ancient winemaking region in Catalonia. The vines are planted at a height of 425m above sea level across the 18 hectares of these vineyards. Garnacha Blanca is the most-grown grape varietal here.

La Serra Xalamera

Located close to the Benufet Plateau in Batea,  these vineyards cover an area of 15 hectares. Vines are planted with great care here because the vineyards have a deep valley in the centre and two steep slopes at the sides. Garnacha Blanca is the main varietal grown here.

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