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About Hope Family Wines

Hope Family has been making wine in California, USA, for more than 30 years. They have been farming in Paso Robles and when they arrived, the region was barely discovered. They started planting grapes and apples. At that time, the oak studding terrain was still undiscovered, and no one knew that one day the area would hold viticultural terroir of great significance in one of the best winegrowing regions for red wine in central coast California. 

Today, the apple orchards are no more and, in their place, Hope Family wines cultivate vineyards of different varieties that are best suited to the region. This includes Grenache, Mourvèdre, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet. The vine density has been boosted, the terroir here expresses the unique character of the region. Despite the planted varieties, Paso robles expression is still displayed in the glass with licorice, spice, and berry. 

Hope Family wines has 5 different brands which include troublemaker, Austin hope, quest, treana, and liberty school. 

California central coast stretches from interest to Santa Barbara and is a varied and vast region hosting the countries premier vineyards. There are numerous microclimates in the region, and they influence the varietal characters making the wine produced in the region noteworthy and distinct. The home family estate has its vineyard at the heart of the region. 

The estate vineyard stands in the calcareous loam of Templeton gap. Here, the microclimate is the coolest in Paso robles. This unique microclimate which has sunny, warm days and cool nights, matches Rutherford district and Rhone ballet. This is while the Rhone varietals planted here thrive, displaying old-world characteristics. 

The other thing that has helped Hope Family wines thrive is the solid compositions that are in different varieties. This has enabled the growers to handle vines in the soil and climate that gives out the best characteristics. The dense clay-based soils and marine sediments show an influence in the wine flavour profiles after they are produced. 

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