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When a wine label is created by a person who has over two decades of experience in creating the best of sparkling wine, it is bound to be a super-duper hit. That’s the case with the Australian wine label of House of Arras. It was established in the year 1988 by Ed Carr, who is regarded as the best sparkling winemaker in Australia. Carr set up this label to prove Tasmania’s wine-producing potential to the world.

Tasmania’s cold climate and vintage soil conditions help to produce fruits that are naturally ripened. Ed Carr and his team spent a lot of time in searching for the ideal places throughout the Tasmanian Coast to grow vines. After many years of research, the team found a few sub-regions in Tasmania to grow full-bodied and intense Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varietals.

These sub-regions include the following:

Tamar Valley – Considered as the best among all the wine regions in Tasmania, the climate and soil quality of this place is great for growing red and white grapes.

Pipers River - With its cool temperature, moderate winds and a lot of rainfall, the Pipers River region is great for producing grapes used for sparkling wines under this label.

Coal River Valley – Located towards the South of Tasmania, this sheltered wine region is known for producing some of the highest quality of mature grapes.

East Coast – This region, in the Swansea Coast, is blessed with a warm & dry climate, which helps in growing high-flavoured and intense Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Huon Valley – This region is located towards the extreme south of Tasmania and is blessed with the coldest climate of all regions. Therefore, the place is ideal for growing some of the most mature sparkling wine varietals.

Derwent Valley – The Upper and Lower Derwent Valley regions are vastly different from each other. They help in producing naturally ripe and rich fruits.

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