About Hudson

The story and history of Hudson remain closely linked with the owner and founder of the winery, Robert Hudson. In 1981, Robert purchased the ranch on which the wine estate sits today. Soon, he began his endeavour and mission of planting several grapevine varieties, giving rise to the renowned winery we see today. Hudson deals with and handles several unusual vine categories and kinds. They include Friulano, Aleatico, Arneis, Verdejo, Ribolla Gialla, Vermentino, and Albariño.

The ranch and vineyards of Hudson expand over 2000 acres. Approximately 200 acres remain dedicated to grapevine plantation, cultivation, and harvesting. The parcels and terroirs remain confined to the Napa Valley region, primarily in Carneros, a reputed district and viticultural area. Since its establishment, the winery has aimed to realise its agrarian dream. It entailed producing the highest quality wines from exceptional grapes. On top of that, the ranch belonging to Hudson operates with the goals of raising pigs, chickens, and lamb with heritage breeds and planting a broad range and variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits for supply to their grocery store.

The wines produced and marketed by Hudson possess exceptional quality and standards. They deliver a unique and distinct personality, characteristics, and taste, enabling the drinks to pair well with numerous cuisine and dishes. It is primarily thanks to the years of winemaking experience and meticulous grapevine growing practices that go behind each bottle of wine.

Hudson believes that the quality of the parcels and terroir is essential for producing superior wines with outstanding taste, flavour, texture, aroma, and mouthfeel. Thus, the winery’s staff and employees pay careful attention to the fields and parcels. They implement processes and techniques that do not destroy the land’s natural attributes and aspects, allowing the planted grapevines to benefit significantly from the region’s soil and climatic conditions.

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