Hyde de Villaine

Hyde de Villaine

About Hyde de Villaine

Hyde de Villaine is a reputed winery located in The United States of America that came about due to the efforts of two families. It entailed the de Villaine family from Burgundy and the Hyde Family hailing from Napa Valley. The families united through marriage and shared winemaking history from California and France. The winery combines the experience and knowledge of the two families and regions, creating wines of excellence and superiority.

The origin and story of Hyde de Villaine began when Aubert de Villaine tied the knot with Pamela F. de Villaine, Hyde’s cousin. Aubert possessed significant knowledge and skills of the traditional French winemaking methods and techniques. It allowed him to put his theories into practice when the venture and endeavour for Hyde de Villaine started. On the other hand, Larry Hyde, coming from Napa Valley, had a significant love and passion for the soil and wine. It compelled Larry to quit his apprenticeship at some of the finest wineries and instead purchase lands having Carneros soils and transform them into Hyde Vineyards. Today, Hyde Vineyards remain known for its terroirs’ unique and distinct expressions and characteristics.

Hyde de Villaine bottles its wines under the de la Guerra family’s coat of arms. The de la Guerra family is a highly reputed and acclaimed family known for its winemaking in California. The coat of arms signifies family, winemaking history, and tradition, representing Hyde de Villaine’s philosophy.

The vineyards managed by Hyde de Villaine possess shallow loamy soils with sedimentary traces. The soil conditions, accompanied by the gentle winds and ideal climate of the acclaimed region, promote the development of superior and healthy grapevines. On top of that, the area’s microclimate reduces the stress on the vines. It, in turn, allows the planted grapevines to maximize and express their potential.

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