About Iago

Situated in the village of Chardakhi in Mtskheta in Georgia, Iago is a two-hectare, family-owned cellar dedicated to producing and distributing organic wines. The owner and manager of the winery, Iago Bitarishvili, took a unique and refreshing approach to winemaking to create his name. More than the selling point, he believed and considered his style and advances fascinating and compelling.  

The winery focuses on and directs its operations of winemaking towards the direction of organic bio cultivation. It was in 1998 that Iago first got this idea of viticulture. In 2003, the winery did its first bottling. In 2005, the company was the first in all of Georgia to receive the Bio Certificate. 

The winemaking process with Iago is a distinct and peculiar one. There are a few things that distinguish the wines he produces from the other winemakers in Georgia. The principal points are that Iago deals with solely the Kvevri wine, Chinuri wine, and the amber colour. To explain the terms, Kvevri is an earthenware vessel of substantial size that gets used for storage, ageing, and fermentation of conventional Georgian wine. On the other hand, Chinuri refers to wines produced from the Chardakhi village of the Mtskheta region specifically.  

The wine cellar of Iago produces precisely 5000 natural wine bottles that are white dried per year. They export all the wines they make in the cellars. It implies that none get left for personal use or local selling. The vineyards owned by Iago use ecological and chalk traditional practices and methods. These procedures also get applied to the grapes and in the winemaking process.   

The style of winemaking that Iago implements benefits the produced wines considerably. It gives them a refreshing, sophisticated, and elegant feel. They get a personality of their own and leave people wanting for more.

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