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Il Poggione

About Il Poggione

Il Poggione, the century-old Italian wine label was the first to bring out the uniqueness of the wines of the Montalcino area during as early as the 1900s. Over a century ago, when a French land owner, Lavino Franceschi visited Montalcino and he was so impressed with the geographical advantage and the natural extravaganza of this place that he decided to start his wine label from here.

The vineyards of Il Poggione are located in two strategic locations that enable it to produce high-quality wines year after year. They are:

Tenuta Il Poggione

Located in the south of Montalcino, these vineyards can be found in Sant’angelo in Colle. They are located at varying altitudes ranging between 150 and 450m above sea level, which makes the harvest process easy and efficient. The climate in this area is highly influenced by its proximity to Mount Amiata and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Paganelli Vineyards

Planted in 1964, these vineyards are considered as one of the oldest crus in the entire Montalcino area. The Sangiovese clones created here are very special because they are very consistent in quality and quantity, even when the external factors are not very favourable.

The Il Poggione Winery was established during 2004 and it is built right in the centre of the estate. The architecture and processes followed in this winery are perfect blends of ancient tradition and modern technology. Temperature-controlled techniques, indigenous yeasts, stainless steel tanks and submerged-cap system are some principles followed here to retain the colour and flavour of the fruits.

The cellar’s situation is ideal for the optimum ageing and storing of wines, because it is located underground. Only the best of French oaks are used for fermenting while the oak beams are allowed to season outside for a minimum of 4 years to bring out the true character, flavour and elegance of the grapes.

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