Isole e Olena

Isole e Olena

About Isole e Olena

The Chianti Classico wine region located in Tuscany, Italy, is known for producing premium quality wines. The Isole E Olena brand is no exception to this rule. It is a well-respected and reputed name in this region, which makes wines from grapes grown in independent vineyards around this region. The De Marchi family established this wine label in the 1950s by combining the estates of Isole and Olena. Ever since there has been no looking back for the brand.

The Cepparello, the flagship wine of Isole E Olena, is considered by wine lovers as one of the best and most famous wines crafted under the Super Tuscan designation. The vineyards are located towards the west of the Chianti Classico wine region in the Castellina Village.

The vineyards are spread across 45 hectares and the vines are cultivated at an average height of about 450mabove sea level. The high quality of the Galestro soil and the cool sea breeze are the main factors that make the grapes grown here full of flavour, character and aroma. 

While the most popular Cepparello wine is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, another famous label, Chianti, is made from an exquisite blend of Sangiovese (80%) and other indigenous varietals of Canaiolo, Colorino and Syrah. Like every region, Tuscany, too, has its traditional style of welcome wine, which is created by the Isole e Olena label by the name of Vinsanto. This wine is made from the exclusive white wine varietals of Malvasia and Trebbiano. 

If you are wondering why Vinsanto is considered as one of the best dessert wines in Italy, it is because the grapes are cultivated, harvested and vinified with a lot of care and passion. After the grapes are allowed to wither into raisins and carefully pressed, they again undergo barrel fermentation and ageing process of up to 4 years before they are bottled! 

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