J. Rochioli Vineyard and Winery

J. Rochioli Vineyard and Winery

About J. Rochioli Vineyard and Winery

The legacy of the J. Rochioli Vineyard and Winery started in 1911 when Joe Rochioli Sr. settled down in Northern California. In 1920, he became the foreman for a ranch. Even at that young age, Joe Sr. aspired to own private land. His wish got fulfilled after the birth of his son, Joe Rochioli Jr. The family of three moved to a nearby 125-acre land called Fenton Acres. Today, the property houses the Rochioli Vineyards. 

The family’s passion for high-quality wine began in 1968. It was when Joe Jr. started working with Pinot Noir imported from France. It marked the advent of their fame as the people in the area knew very little about grapes. The endeavour got aided by Joe Jr.’s foresight that the microclimate and soil of the place would produce wines of the exceedingly superior standard. 

At that time, the wines got sold under the Fenton Acres name. In 1983, the label changed to Rochioli Vineyards. Subsequently, Tom Rochioli, the grandson of Joe Rochioli Sr. got the position of business manager. He now manages the operations of the winery and the vineyards. He does so with the experience he gained working in the farms from the mere age of ten. 

Situated in a diverse location of the Russian River Valley, the Rochioli Vineyard possesses vital factors that promote the growth of the grapevines. The closeness to the ocean, the soil type diversity, and the valley contours allow for refreshing breezes in the evening and beneficial morning fogs. Currently, the vineyard remains divided into numerous unique blocks with various clones planted in each. As the family that introduced the concept of micro-batch processing, the Rochiolis ferment each block individually. They believe that it allows the unique differences in taste due to the varied plantation conditions to spring forth.

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