About Jansz

The entire Jansz journey started some 400 years ago on a ship belonging to Abel Tasman, and that is how Tasmania was born in 1642. The area is a true paradise, and the wind that blows here gives it one of the best microclimates. 

In winemaking, climate plays a major role. The climate in Tasmania is very similar to how things are in northwest France. Things are made better by the free draining and rich basalt soils, which led to the partnership of Heemskerk wines and Louis Roederer. Together they planted pinot noir and chardonnay vines in 1986 in pipers river. 

The hill smith family also recognised the potential of the region in creating sparkling winds, and that is how a property was purchased in 1998 to help establish a family-owned wine house in Australia. The method used to make the vintage wines was the traditional method of champenoise. 

Today, Jansz is one of the best sparkling wine houses. This art has been perfected over the years since 1986. Location is one of the things that makes the area a great place to produce the best fruits. Tasmania has some of the most idyllic conditions. It is the best place to make the best premium sparkling wines. Since nature does its part, the wines crafted here are very expressive of the pristine and pure Tasmanian environment. 

One thing that makes Jansz stand out is the use of methods tasmanoise. This is a practice used to make luxury sparkling wine. This method is the main aspect and is beyond terroir and winemaking. The method embraces the real Tasmanian life and respect for the natural wilderness, environment, and clean air. Tasmanian sands as the premier wine region for sparkling wine, and its climate and soils help create the most aromatic, intensely flavoured, and elegant wines. The first commercial vineyards in the area date back to 1865, most of which were short-lived. This is where Jansz is situated today, and the region allows the company to explore its full potential. 

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